Closing the door with the window open

Closing the door with the window open

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  1. Who tf grabs a doorknob between your index and middle fingers? Did you fucking invade Earth from another planet?

  2. There’s a door in our house that will open and slam shut on its own if there windows are open and the breeze is just right.

    Let me tell you it’s downright TERRIFYING when you are home alone.

  3. The new house I moved into have these “jump vents” which look like the HVAC vents but they’re unconnected to the house duct system and are short vents that just connect to either side of a door to prevent this kind of air pressure issue. I thought that was cool until I saw a post yesterday that indicated keeping your door shut during a house fire could save your life as the fire may bypass a room if there’s no way the fire can access the oxygen in the room. I think that means if I ever have a house fire, I’m fucked.

  4. The front door in my house does this too…as does any open bedroom doors in the path of my massive bedroom window. Scares me every time.

  5. Ok how did they do this? Did they just chuck a dummy down the hallway? It’s so hard to tell. If so it looks incredible.

  6. In slavic culture this is called “promaja” and it might be one of the strongest forces in the universe.

  7. Who opens their windows, anyway? Oh, right… people that live in fair weather climates.

    I always think people in my neighborhood are weird for having windows open in 100+ degree weather.

  8. I don’t understand.. he is on the inside pulling the door open.. then all the sudden he is outside the door while it is slamming shut.

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