Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

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  1. Cptsd going on 35 years. Oh how many times I’ve been there.

    I remember being 7, sent in the grocery store by my addict mom with cash to pick up a couple things, and running into the lonely old man who loved to ask riddles. He never remembered me, just thought I was smart after the first couple times. Would keep me talking for 20 mins, and got me “whipped” (with a belt) every time.

    Now though, I’m actually glad I stayed. In hindsight I can see the lonely, desperate man he was for any human contact. As an adult, because of this experience, I always stop and talk when I pick up on this vibe again. I’ve had quite a few uncomfortable (for me, I’m a mess) convos that left me wondering how long it had been for them before they got to me. Loneliness is such a sorrowful emotion, and without friends or family, it might be impossible to cure, or even receive some respite.

  2. Funnily enough a stranger started to walk besides me when I was walking home after work, and he stated what a “cute girl” I am, said that he saw me several times walking in there, asked if I was getting out if the work, if I was underage, and my name, and there was me answering the most vaguely possible and hesitated at the moment of giving my name of course, and he said “Oh don’t be afraid”.

    I’m seriously thinking on starting to avoid that route.

  3. Ugh I sat next to this guy on a train and somehow made him think I was interested in Jesus I guess because I didn’t tell him to STFU for the entire hour he was proselyting. Talked me into give him my phone number then he called me.

  4. I usually am very careful to not talk to people on elevators, but then for some reason every once in a while I do and quickly remember why you shouldn’t.


    uhhhhh……this is my floor….BYE!

  5. The problem with society is not that strangers want to start conversations with you.

    It’s that digital communication has made us think spontaneous conversations are weird and uncomfortable.

  6. To the girl at Costco last weekend who kept trying to sell me a cable service I don’t want or need, I told you from the beginning I wasn’t interested but you made me cut you off 3 times then walk away feeling like an asshole. I know your job sucks so I sympathize with you but please stop making it impossible for me to browse the electronics area

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