Completely satisfied 80th birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart!

Completely satisfied 80th birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart!

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  1. I once stood behind him in the queue at the post office. Had no idea it was him until I heard the voice say “I’ll have one first class stamp please”. I didn’t even need to see his face before I knew. My own transaction with the post mistress was the fastest on record and I bolted it out of the post office and followed him down The Strand. Even found some work colleagues to point him out to. Successful lunch hour.

  2. Happy birthday. Thanks for being awesome and creating a Star Trek captain worth emulating in real life.

  3. I just listened to a wonderful interview with him for Fresh Air.

    Here’s to many more tomorrows AND tomorrows AND tomorrows Captain.

  4. We need to keep Patrick Stewart in a box and put him away until this coronavirus thing is over. We cannot lose him to covid.

  5. One of my favorite men of all time! And a great example for youngs guys to follow:) you learn as you grow..cont to learn how to be a better human, no matter the age! You stop learning when you die:]

  6. It’s sad to think that Picard might be the last time we see him in Star Trek however many seasons we get from it.

  7. So he is Reddit’s older Paul Rudd? So random that Redditors pick this handful of actors and decide that they are great people, despite having never met them. They are charming on cameras and cell phones and have good PR teams. Most likely though, they are at least decent people, as technology and paparazzi would have dug up something to paint them in an at least rude light. Maybe both donate a Buch of money for great causes? Still am confused on why

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