Corona got me like

Corona got me like

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  1. A prediction from these quarantines: divorce rate will skyrocket and there will be a lot of babies born in the next year.

    What’s the name of this new generation?

    Quaranteens, Coronnials, Baby Doomers, Epidemicals, Pandemials, Generation ‘F’, the Coughspring, COVIDies, Coroniños.

  2. Me and my partner saw this earlier and debated back and forth if she was like this, we both had our valid points.

    After a good hour we came to a compromise and agreed that she was right.

  3. My wife had 3 conference calls and worked out at lunch with a coworker over video and played loud workout music. It was definitely a bit much to handle sitting 15 feet away

  4. My husband and I spent a month living in the bedroom this winter getting a major renovation on our house, somehow didn’t have a single argument. We’ve been together 24/7 for a week now and still getting along fine. I think that we might be made for each other.

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