Cowl Artwork/ Gameplay

Cowl Artwork/ Gameplay 7

Cowl Artwork/ Gameplay 8

Cowl Artwork/ Gameplay

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  1. The 80s and 90s had those marvelous art covers that seemed taken straight from a sci-fi and fantasy paperback (as a matter of fact they were mostly made by the same artists). In some case the art was definitely more memorable than the game.

  2. There was a gap between what the developers envisioned and what they could technically compose based on the technology they had available. Cool cover art like this helped bridge that divide and helped kids (like myself at the time) envision the world we were playing in.

  3. Nintendo was pretty blunt with most of there early releases, they would just show a small clip of game art so you could see what it really looked like. Atari was the worst tho.

    No hate

  4. Except this is an awful example? This cover art is from the game SMITE. And truthfully cthulhu is one of the more epic and “oh shit” characters to play as or against that they’ve added….

  5. Iirc someone sued Nintendo for this exact reason over a baseball game. Stated it did not live up to the hype that was portrayed in ads and magazines. And they wanted their money back.

  6. I still have it – albeit at my parents – the box set that came with Quest for the Rings, the Odyssey2 game from Magnavox (released back in the early 80s)

    This was sort of their rip of The Lord of the Rings, without having to directly pay licensing to Tolkien. This thing came in a gorgeous box with a huge hardback map/player board. Tokens, cover for the keyboard, nice full color manual that was more fluff than instructions.

    [reference pic](

  7. I miss going to Blockbuster and looking at a games cover art and back to try and decide if it was good only to get home and see it was nothing like cover art. Those were good times

  8. This is why Final Fantasy 16 was announced without a cinematic CG trailer like every other Final Fantasy game is. Gotta give people the real deal.

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That is 3d printed in single-layer, single-colour [via twitter/BillieRubenMake] 20

That is 3d printed in single-layer, single-colour [via twitter/BillieRubenMake]

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Rooster is gang chief