Crazy to think that these were only 8 MB

Crazy to think that these were only 8 MB 7

Crazy to think that these were only 8 MB 8

Crazy to think that these were only 8 MB

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  1. It was always such a difficult decision knowing which saves to keep and which to overwrite when out of room.

  2. I remember when I got my first 16 MB storage card for my game cube I could stop leaving on 24/7 to save my progress

  3. Crazy to think that my first computer had 48kb of ram, 8 colors and a tape recorder to load / save games and programs.

    It was a zx-spectrum.. Then I later upgraded to a beast of a computer with 64kb of ram, a amstrad cpc 464.

    Oh man… Good old days..

  4. I remember when I installed Everquest for the first time; it ate up 6 gigs on my 10 GB and I was floored because I couldn’t imagine a game taking that much space.

  5. I remember when my mom bought me a PS2 back in the day but didn’t bother to get me any memory cards…

    For the longest time I would just leave my PS2 running so I didn’t lose my place in whatever game I was playing!

    Sometimes she would turn it off if she noticed it was on and I would lose all of my progress.

    When I finally got her to get me a memory card, it was quite literally a game changer!!

  6. my high school keeps a lot of old electronics and even has some typewriters that aren’t electronic. it’s like a little museum. The teacher was handing us the old floppy disks to show us how little space they had. they’re a bit bigger than a playing card and only hold up to 1.4mb, it’s literally unimaginable today. the technology has really come far

  7. “The first 8-**inch floppy disk** had a storage **capacity** of about 80 kilobytes. By 1986, IBM introduced the **3-1/2 inch floppy disk** with 1.44 megabytes of storage space.” — Google

  8. My brother and I had the same ones growing up. My saves were on the blue one and his were on the red. Although I had to get more memory cars due to how many games I played.

  9. Look at mr fancy pants with his fancy Sony ps2 memory cards. I can only relate to those who would have to put in the off brand memory card cd to even use the off brand memory card.

  10. I have so many of these. Definitely miss my ps2. People ask for an insane price for one. Plus most of my games are scratched to shit as i was young and dumb haha so thank you emulators. Now i telll my nephews that because they do that. Like just wait and see. I remember looking up those dumb “fixes” like toothpaste haha. Didn’t have nothing to lose tho. But my Vice City wouldn’t work for years, and one day i tried it and it worked like 5 minutes after the 1st misson that it froze. Or I’d have really scratched games that played perfectly lol like what. Today a tiny one can be fatal. Well i went digital recently, as the disk versions lack what made them great. Sorry for the rant haha

  11. I remember when the PS2 came out people asked if you could use your PS1 memory cards and everyone said you wouldn’t want to even if you could because the PS2 one had EIGHT whole megabytes!

  12. Fun fact: you can store 8 true/false values in a single byte! That’s about 64 million true/false values on a single memory card.

  13. I struggle with things like this all the time when talking about “the good old days.”


    For some reason my mind won’t easily let me say things like “that 20MB hard drive” or even “I maxed out the RAM on my laptop at 14MB” any more. Somehow it always comes out as gigabytes. Frankly it makes me wonder if some day I’ll be saying terabytes by default…

  14. Back then save game only have like 3 stats to keep track of, nowadays game actually save the entire state of the current level, or even previously visited levels in open world games.

  15. Anyone remember those knock-off M~~emory~~ Amnesia cards that lost saved data after a few days? I remember the guy selling them at a flea market warning me like some kind of evil wizard selling me a forbidden tool; “use it to transfer saves or you’ll be sorry!”

  16. I remember those! 😀

    Fun story, I remember my dad upgrading his computer in the late 80’s and a friend of his saying “4 MB of ram??! You’ll never use that much!!”

  17. when i was a kid, my dad would sell large (2gb) hard drives to hospitals. they were the size of shoe boxes.

  18. I still see some PS2 era memory cards in old shops around town and had this exact same thought. I also have the same feeling when I see my brother’s 1GB HDD that’s the size of a brick which requires constant connection to an external power unit. That’s Moore’s law for you XD

  19. I have a badass PS2 memory card that is basically four memory cards in one. I couldn’t play Magix Music Maker for PS2 without it.

  20. I still remember the suffering when you spent hours in a game, you were going to save and there was no more space. It was even worse when you realized that it was because of a single game that its save weighed 1.4Mb (yes, I’m talking to you urbz: sims in the city)

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