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  1. I got to meet him at a Trek convention once, got this same picture signed. Ended up having a good ten minute conversation with him after I told him how much I loved his role in ‘Master of Disguise’ as a kid. Apparently not many people mention that movie to him, and it is still to this day one of my favorite memories. He’s so kind to fans.

  2. I met him at convention that pulled a fast one on the actors and actresses by selling autograph packages prior to the convention and not paying them. The guests rightfully so weren’t taking these but I had spent all money on them. When it was my turn to meet and greet his agent told me sorry but these aren’t valid. He immediately came around the table and gave me a hug and asked me what I would like signed and sat and talked with me for a few minutes. It truly had me ugly crying. Sweetest person in real life.

  3. He was AWESOME in Farscape. Best pilot Galactica ever had!! The Darleks never had a chance. Teal’c, you’re the BEST!! ❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘🤘

  4. Data is possibly my all time favorite character in all of Star Trek. And that’s coming from a fan of all the series.

  5. I was today years old when it finally dawned on me that he’s also the wacky scientist from Independence Day.

  6. So, Brent Spiner caught me in a lie when I met him at a convention.

    I was around 22, and my parents told me I should get his autograph and that they had seen him on Broadway in the show 1776 and had loved it.

    I personally have never seen Star Trek or any of his works, but decided sure I’ll say hi. I wanted to seem heartfelt and act like I really appreciated his work, so instead of telling that all my compliments and comments came from my parents, I said that I went to the show. I think I was trying to avoid awkward confusing explanations of the situation, so I figured this would be safe.

    I did not count on the kindness and consideration Brent shows his fan as he began a conversation about the show and which groups he had been part of on Broadway. A few minutes into the convo, filled with my mumbling stumbling guesses and smiles. Brent stopped and said “You must have been very young when you saw me on Broadway”.

    Instead of fessing up and explaining the situation, I doubled down and responded “oh yes, but it was such a good performance that I remember it well”

    Brent looked at me and asked “But you couldn’t have been born before 95? That show was performed in 1997”

    Oh fuck, one year after my birth. At that point red from embarrassment, I pulled out my last resort and left with a “it was very nice meeting you oh and I really do remember it itwasgreatthanksbyeeee.”

    I’m certain tripling down did nothing to fix the situation, and Brent Spiner knew I had lied to him for 5 minutes straight. I just wish he sometimes thinks back and wonders “why?”


  7. I don’t know. I don’t think he can act really. Every movie or tv show I watch with him in it I felt like he was playing the same character over and over again, just at different stages of evolution, whether it was Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Nemesis or Star Trek: Picard.

  8. Now I need that. Went to build a bear and got a Spok bear with boba fet outfit with a chewbacca sound all on discount but on purpose.

    You just made my doll feel worthless.

  9. As a child, data was a character that honestly connected with me in a way that helped me understand my own autism believe it or not. Hail Brent Spiner.

    Side note: I am ashamed to say I was in my mid-30s before I realized he played the quack scientist from independence day

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“ME! Take my picture first. I’m impawtant!”

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