Daughter inheriting the love for acrobat from her father

Daughter inheriting the love for acrobat from her father

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  2. there should be a bot that compiles all the new, slightly changed titles any popular post gets reposted under.

  3. rolandp90x on Instagram if you have any interest in following. I’ve slowly been trying to do some of this stunting with my daughter, he has some older tutorial videos as well.

  4. Pretty sure this is what my daughters and I look like when I throw them in the air and catch them.
    Yep, exactly like this 😐

  5. He must feel really confident in his ability to catch her if anything goes wrong, that would be quite some height to fall from for a little girl upside down.

  6. They are great cheerleaders. Cheerleading takes a lot of strength and so much commitment to continuously practice. Two qualities I lack 🙂

  7. This guy is winning on so many levels, clearly has a great relationship with his daughter, the daughter is adorable and this dude is fucking ripped. I should really get off the couch and start running again haha

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