Defend wombat in any respect price

Defend wombat in any respect price

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  1. I’ve heard they can be very territorial so definitely don’t just try and do this to any wombat you find.

  2. Even knowing she’s not playing with it’s dick this still makes me feel wildly fucking uncomfortable

  3. Legit thought this wombat was being fondled. Fortunately, comment section always has the answers to the real questions. Thank you comment section.

  4. If you love wombats you need to visit Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, there is a massive wombat population there and they are pretty indifferent to humans, they just bumble around all day and will walk right up to you while they graze, plus it’s a super beautiful place!

  5. According to rumors I heard from a friend of mine Wombats have such a low center of gravity and consist of so many muscles that in Australia there are street signs saying that you should actually avoid hitting a wombat with your car if they are laying on a road sunbathing.

    Any Australian willing to confirm or to dismiss that rumor?

  6. If you hit one at speed it’ll flip your car and just walk away (maybe). Seriously wombats are like boulders.

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