Director of Operations ensuring standards are maintained

Director of Operations ensuring standards are maintained 6

Director of Operations ensuring standards are maintained

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. They’re just like us! As US magazine says.

    I once watched a silverback at the Omaha zoo babysit his grandson. He was sitting by the window and watching the people. Remember, in a zoo, we’re also on exhibit for great apes. We’re fun to watch. He was trying to chill out and relax while the mom was eating and kibitzing in the back of the enclosure.

    The kid was climbing all over him just like my kids used to do. The kid would climb up his chest and he’d set him back down by his side. The kid would climb around behind him and then he’d grab him and set him by his side. He tried to hold onto him and the kid just climbed all over him. That was my life with my kid when she was little. She’d climb on top of my head if given a chance.

    His expression was the same as mine when I was taking care of my 2 year old: “When is mom getting home? I’m getting tired of this shit.”

  2. This is insane, the Orang is learning electrical engineering from them, next it will be hacking keypads and hot wiring cars… do you want Planet of the Apes, because this is how you get Planet of the Apes!

  3. Looks exactly like the highway work I pass each morning with 4 dudes in a deep trench doing *serious* fucking work with 3 or 4 dudes standing above the trench looking down with their hands on their hips and one hand holding a clip board, “supervising” real good like.

  4. Do you think they know that we’ve evolved from them?

    Like how frustrating would it be for you to be watching a race of beings that you know evolve from us, and we just have to watch in awe as they do things that we hadn’t thought capable of doing…

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Serious arm strength

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I’ll never forgive the Japanese!!