Doesn’t get more authentic than this

Doesn’t get more authentic than this

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Holy shit, a thing I can explain! So I work for Aldi’s warehouse where all their products are stored. In aisle 2, where we keep the cans, they stack them 3 pallets high. That means 200 cases of cans on a wooden pallet times three. Sometimes when the forklift doesn’t properly stack them you get crushing on the edges of the cans like this. These technically are not supposed to go to the stores, but I guess somebody didn’t care.

  2. There were rumors of an Aldi’s opening in our neighborhood and I have been patiently waiting for it to show up. Not having on after moving has driven up our food costs and time spent shopping by a noticeable amount.

  3. When it says “Crushed Tomatoes”, it’s not referring to the tins being damaged. Clearly these tomatoes had high hopes they would end up in those Happy Harvester tins in the background and never reached that goal.

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