Dog knocks over woman

Dog knocks over woman

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. OMG when I was a kid we had a lab that would do this. We’d go on unleashed walks at night and you’d hear a little tinkle of his collar and the next thing you know, you were laying on the ground. RIP Wally.

    Edit: Sometimes the app loses replies to the ether and I can’t reply. Whoever replied with “you killed Wally for that” has my eternal gratitude. A real life beer out of the nose moment. Please give awards to them if you can see it.

  2. No joke dogs kill a lot of elderly people especially muscle missiles like this guy. Don’t let an old person be around your dog without supervision – if the doorbell rings they’ll race down the hall and knock someone over, and they could hit their head like this lady, and it’s over

  3. Mind you: If that had happened on a concrete-hard surface, she might well have died or been left severely brain-damaged. This isn’t theoretical – we had a case here a few years ago on one of our local trails where a lady got her feet swept out by a passing dog’s leash, and died from brain swelling.

    Our dog sometimes goes into her little zoomy episodes where she’ll draw a tighter and tighther circle around you, and the third time around, will make for your knees/ankle. I have to watch her when she gets into this mood, and try to crouch a little, or do an olé move to let her pass by. (75 lab mix, still a puppy at heart.)

  4. my mother got a concussion from this when playing fetch with our dog, years and years ago.

    women and kids especially need to be careful around medium and big size dogs, they’re heavier than you think and will hurt you by accident if you aren’t paying attention when they run into you.

  5. I had a Golden Retriever who would pull this kind of shit but do it straight from behind you. She was a psycho, but a friendly and happy psycho. She had limitless energy and no boundaries when it came to running. She eventually snapped her own neck on a chain trying to chase a rabbit we think. Only Golden we ever had to keep on a line outside without supervision.

    Plus, that was the one Golden out of 3 I got to name. She was a good dog but just didn’t understand how to stop when running towards people. She would try but always got it wrong and went plowing into you.

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