Dolphin launching a fish into orbit

Dolphin launching a fish into orbit

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Fish: “So then Amanda said her shoes were too tight and we had to go back and we were all like AMANDAAAAA!!! but she said no she had to change them so we went back but on the way back we passed Starbucks and can you believe Becca’s ex-boyfriend Brett was sitting RIGHT IN THE WINDOW?! I was like let’s go Beck, but of course she wave like a DUMB BITCH so we have to stop again. Now, I had sex with Brett once when we were SUPER drunk and Becca knows and she’s ok with it but not SUPER ok with it so I just kept my mouth shut but still it’s like HELLO?! we all said we wanted to go to Bar Norfolk so I just assumed that’s what we were doing but now Amanda’s got to get her shoes and there’s this whole Becca/Brett thing and I’m just like OH EM GEE this is not what I need two night before I have to go in for surgery. I have to have surgery on my cervix because last summer at Wildwood we rented jet skis and…”

    Dolphin: *fwip*

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