Don’t they?

Don't they? 7

Don't they? 8

Don’t they?

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  1. He’d start off as a normal type, then would evolve into normal/flying type, then to fighting/flying type

  2. That’s weird he evolve into a special attack Pokémon and then evolve into a physical attack Pokémon.

  3. Man. The Pokédex entry gonna be crazy:

    Caillou – annoying baby Pokémon. Has yet to learn what respect and harmony is as a newborn. Most trainers tend to avoid this Pokémon because of its behavior.

    Aang – The balance Pokémon. It took scientists over 200 years to discover its evolved form since its first appearance. This Pokémon seeks to put balance to the Pokémon world, solving problems and providing aid to those in need.

    Saitama – The one punch Pokémon. Only certain Aangs that go through intense training regiment, can achieve the power to evolve. It takes a single punch to end any fight, but due to its immense power, it tends to slack off and doesn’t listen to its trainer. Rather, it seeks stronger opponents or threats.

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“Fine, but I get to drive”

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