“doubtlessly offensive content material”

"doubtlessly offensive content material" 7

"doubtlessly offensive content material" 8

“doubtlessly offensive content material”

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  1. If that is what happens when you enter rocket league. I can’t imagine what will happen if someone puts in Postal.

  2. In Polish, shaming/offensive word for gay person is “pedał”. But this is also part of bicycle, one has foot on.

    So on gaming chat someone talked about bicycles and got banned for hate speech. He tried to explain it wasn’t about sexuality etc. But IIRC his ban wasn’t lifted.

  3. xbox has gotten so fuckin bad with that. It’s online play. It shouldn’t be regulated. There’s warnings everywhere about online play not having a rating.

  4. At certain points I’m not surprised people think gamers are violent. Just look at what happened with the tlou2 writer (and a voice actor). Game wasn’t even that bad.

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