Each assassins creed mission

Each assassins creed mission

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  1. Stealth games are hard to get into, but if you have the patience to learn how to be a ghost its a lot more fun than just mashing the attack button every time you get spotted

  2. Basically how I do stealth in Fallout and Skyrim until my Sneak skills are up enough.

    – Try to be Stealthy

    – Get Spotted

    – Kill the guy that spotted me

    – Alert every other bad guy in the dungeon

    – Screw silencers, we’re going in loud!

  3. I find the happy medium. I prefer the stealth style but it can reallly drag the game out. I’ve been playing Origins finally and just finished the base game today. Just got the 2 dlcs to do.

    I go for the aggressive assassin style. I stealth kill as many as I can as quick as I can. I don’t hide bodies. If all hell breaks loose then so be it but otherwise I run right for the objective taking out whoever is in my way. I will bobbytrap the alarm fires though because shit can get ridiculous if they get help

  4. That’s me in Far Cry. I try my best to be all sneaky and then I misclick and start blasting when I get spotted

  5. I usually try to be stealthy and then I will get caught and it turns into a full on war eventually.

    I have done very few where I was never caught.

  6. I got watch dogs 1 recently due to the steam summer sale and this is definately me in every mission but with the SO pistol.

  7. Awesome meme. This brings me back to Hitman: Codename 47. Once I had all the missions unlocked I would challenge myself to take out all the enemies w/o taking any damage. If I got hit, I would stat over.

    My favorites were:

    The Lee Hong Assassination
    Traditions of the Trade
    Say Hello to My Little Friend

  8. Oh man, i only go in blasting when things go sideways (which is very often)

    But i recently started Assassins Creed Odyssey and am able to fully clear a lot of the areas with some good planning.

  9. Not anymore sadly. Now you just ride your flaming horse to a nearby cliff, jump off and hulk smash into some enemies onto the ground, teleport assassinate 4 dudes, whip out your gigantic fuck off flaming Minotaur axe and send 4 dudes flying with your overpower attack and shoot the last one through 3 walls with a poison bow…..I miss old assassin’s creed.

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