Everything alright?

Everything alright?

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  1. I’m pretty sure there’s some un-captioned dialogue happening on the other side of that glass, meanwhile a pig, a duck and maybe a field mouse or two are trying to locate the key to the old wood shed because Bessy got her head stuck in the shed window again and if they don’t get her out of there before Farmer Butch gets back….

  2. That kitten!
    His expression with his nose smushed on the glass.
    His little paws and toe beans.
    The little bowed legs.
    That tiny tail.
    That tummy.
    It’s killin me.

  3. Cat: SEE! I told you they were still in there!

    Dog: Jesus, should we call someone?!

    Chicken1: On the plus side they haven’t brought home any of those white and red buckets that smell vaguely familiar

    Chicken2: What the fuck is that guy doing with the tigers?

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I used a Markov Chain to write a fake AC/DC song based upon their lyrics. I present to you “Great Balls”.

That was not very cash money of you