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  1. How come I never do it on my way home? The stations is right there, but NOOOO. I just have to get home at 5:59 and not 6:10

  2. Me_IRL lol. I always think naah im too tired or the gas is to expensive right now. Next morning 6:15 AM when i couldnt sleep until 1 AM and the gas is even more expensive, that is when i hate myself again. Why am i like that?

  3. That’s literally what i told myself tonight, now you have me nervous. I’ve got work at 5:30am, doing deliveries…

  4. Literally did this to myself tonight in full knowledge it’s going to be hell in the morning with traffic.

  5. are you spying on me? well at least I know to do it when it’s about to snow or rain because you need the defroster on to keep the fog off and heaten the rear windshield. not risking that even if it’s a 1 mile drive to the station.

  6. Past me always be fucking up shit for future me. Then the cycle continues because future me fucks over even more future me out of spite.

    I’m the biggest asshole to myself.

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