Evolution of Gaming Characters.

Evolution of Gaming Characters. 7

Evolution of Gaming Characters. 8

Evolution of Gaming Characters.

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  1. Umm… am I the only one who sees the Zelda one is incorrect?!? The last one isn’t Zelda…. her names Marin.

  2. So many cursed parts of this…

    Like what’s up with Mega Man Powered up and his head being twice the size of his body?

    Or Peach from Super Mario World…. why is one side of her face rocking a beard?

  3. I miss the old school Scorpion and Sub-Zero when the outfits were simpler and they didn’t look like hulks. They’ve gotten a little better lately but there was a few years that they looked completely over-the-top ridiculous

  4. Am I the only one whos annoyed that half of these are from coverart/concept art that ishighly detailed vs ingame which nothig alike in game…

  5. Some of these kinda don’t count though? Namely Link Zelda and MegaMan. It’s not really the same character each year.

  6. a lot of the characters seem to go through some radical reinvention somewhere around 2010 only to pretty much revert back completely in the next game

  7. Mario first appeared in 1981’s Donkey Kong for arcade. Though technically his name at the time was “Jumpman”

  8. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    Odd not to have any of the Wario Ware designs for Wario. I always considered that series to be peak Wario.
    Skipping over Luigi’s sprites from the Mario and Luigi series was also a missed opportunity.
    I suppose we all have different memories and there are just too many versions to cover.

  9. in the megaman one you forgot Megaman Zero era x and Biometal X but other than that it’s a really cool chart!

  10. Whats up with the playground equipment logo at the bottom? I went to the site and it’s straight up a slide/swing manufacturer.

  11. Lots of posts lately about feeling old growing up during those original gaming days… this post wasn’t meant to be like that but damn, I feel old.

  12. The 13 year gap in luigis time line, you’d think he hadn’t been in anything.
    I don’t think ive heard of uper Mario galaxy lol.
    And i think princess peach from paper Mario is my favorite style of her.

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