Family gaming goals

Family gaming goals 7

Family gaming goals 8

Family gaming goals

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  1. Good for you! I’ve been a passionate gamer since I was 3 years old. I’m 28 now and not once in all that time has my father ever played a game with me.

  2. Love all these “parenting” comments. If you guys didn’t grow up with a crt 1 foot from your face playing 007, why are you in the gaming Reddit?

  3. Yo, I wish I had this with my siblings. All we did was kill each other in Minecraft PE, anyone else remembers those days.

  4. My duuuuude. This is life goals.. Your a man amoung men. Keep it up. Me with 3 kids and gamer wife. This is our goal

  5. Snapped a pic of my gaming setup, the five of us all able to play at the same time. At the moment the kids were playing Terraria together while I’m trying to finish Horizon Zero Dawn so I can move onto the new Subnautica with a clear conscience. I often do play with the kids, but we’ve beat Terraria now start to finish on normal mode and they are now just enjoying killing Moon Lord on adventure mode over and over and over etc. I prefer to be done with games, but they will play the same thing to death which is fine and very along the lines of how I played as a kid

    Anyways, I’m playing on my desktop streamed over an NVidia Shield to my LG C9. Far left kid is playing on an Alienware M17x, next one over is playing via GeForce Now on a computer monitor mounted to the wall just for him. Next to him with the blanket on the chair is a Surface Pro 7, and far right is playing via an original Steam Link to a computer I’ve got in the back room that runs home automation, it’s on the same type of monitor as the second left kid. Overall it’s a pretty slick setup, and there are tons of things we can play together or independently all at the same time.

  6. We reached our gaming goals actually playing together. Wife, son and me playing worms (PS1 version on pS3, you gotta show them the roots and yes i’m that old), mario kart, Trine 4 and recently diablo. The challenge is more to find something, my wife likes as playing with my son is year old weekend tradition since lego batman.

  7. Isn’t that second boy from the left a bit too close to that screen? Just asking I don’t know how these new monitors function.

  8. There’s something odd about this and I can’t tell what. Feels like 5 pics of people (including off screen person) spliced into one.

  9. I assume your children (on left ones) dont spend the whole time on these positions or they will have scoliosis and kyphosis.

  10. If you are into destroying their eyes and backs good for you. But seriously, idea is really cool, but if you can spend so much on gaming than spend something on proper chairs and desks for your kids and learn about screen positioning (one of the boys is going to crack his neck for the love of god).

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