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  1. I think that “towing the safe” needs to be made a regular colloquialism along with “jumping the shark” and “nuking the fridge”.

  2. How is there still not a M.A.S.K. movie with the popular of the FF movies, the cash cow that is Transformers, & nostalgia for all things ‘80s.

  3. 3 years ago when I said “I know the show is silly and dumb, but it fun and I enjoy it, and when Dom somehow has to drive his classic whatever he’s driving these days on Mars to stop an evil megalomaniac hell bent on poisoning the the Martian air; I’ll suspend disbelief and enjoy the movie!”

  4. Fast & furious 18; they steal Doc Browns Deloran to retcon new Star Wars Trilogy and Fast & furious franchise in one movie.

  5. **I posted this before but here goes…**

    Here’s my theory on the Fast & Furious franchise. In Fast 9, you get the usual shenanigans, car racing, some big heist, the whole nine yards. Right at the end, when things seem all wrapped up and we’re about to enjoy our 9th corona filled family BBQ, an alien race shows up in orbit… Cut to credits…

    In Fast 10, the alien race starts bombarding the planet with large statue-like drop ships full of troops in an all out assault on earth. There are millions of soldiers flooding the streets, and ships in the air attacking everything in sight, it’s a massacre. The only hope Dom and his crew have is to get to a secret dock and space ship Mr. Nobody has stashed away. It’s a huge tragic street race and gun fight, and all of his crew dies along the way, with only Dominic Torreto barely escaping off world.

    In the final shot, we see a distraught Dom, as he looks back towards earth, no longer with any family left, while the Necromonger conquest ships start detonating all over the planet, ultimately destroying the entire population. Turns out Earth has a different name as well to the universe, it’s also known as Furya, and Dom is now the last living member of the Human/Furya race… As his ship races away into the darkness of space, he vows to get revenge and takes on the name Riddick, as a symbolic gesture, since Dominic Torreto died with his family back on earth…

  6. I had a bold prediction several FF films ago that eventually they’ll end up in space. Like on the moon or something. Seemed really wild at the time. Now, I’m just waiting. It can’t be more than 2-3 movies away.

  7. These aliens thought they could mess with Earth… but that’s where my family is! Time to show them nobody messes with my family

    – Dom, probably

  8. They are going full on crazy beans as this franchise moves forward. One of the producers recently said in an interview, “I don’t see any reason why we can’t cross over with the Jurassic World universe.”

    Give me a live action Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and I could die a satisfied man.

  9. I love the ff series. I lead a film appreciation club and we’re working through the series. Last night we had a deep discussion on the subtle choice of the director of ff6 to make the car go “craplughgrrt” in the opening sequence and yet go “plecuohhhrrrrr” in the climactic scene. These subtle choice really made us ponder deep questions like “why does God let good people suffer?”, “Do life experiences mean anything given the mortality of man?” And “why are explosions so freaking awesome?! Kaplughhhhh!”

  10. But remember, we steal and rob and break in because **FAMILY**.

    And fuck paying taxes, what good did that ever do to anyone?

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