Ferocious pit bull and sweet kitty

Ferocious pit bull and sweet kitty

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Looks like it’s that time again for pitbull PSA! Here’s some things that OP won’t tell you about pit bulls. Pit bulls are responsible for 2/3 of humans killed by dogs and thousands of maulings every year. They were never meant to be nanny dogs, the breed was created so that a dog could be put into a pit with a live bull or a bear and fight to the death while people bet on it. Aggression is a heritable trait, and for hundreds of years it has been selected for in pit bulls, so pointers were bred to point, retrievers are bred to retrieve, and pit bulls were bred to kill. They are not the best tempered breed, that’s a lie based on an easily manipulated test that the test creators will tell you was never meant to compare breeds anyway. Pitbulls don’t even have an exceptionally strong bite, so the argument that when they bite their strength makes the bites worse is wrong as well. They barely crack the top 20 breeds in terms of strongest bites, so there’s lots of other breeds with strong bites that aren’t overly represented in the killers list (remember pit bulls kill more humans than all other breeds combined) It’s not “trashy owners” that give the dog it’s bad wrap, it’s a breed that is just characteristically aggressive. If owners are the problem at all, it’s the delusional ones who say “you’ve never met my pittie she’s just the sweetest she would lick your face and she would never hurt a fly so clearly all pitbulls are perfect”

  2. r/nebelung.

    My neb grew up with a white pittie. Pitbull was scarred to fuck (apparently, we never met him), but Bruce (my neb) doesnt have a single scratch on him.

    He does a similar thing to us on a daily basis, and one of his favorite toys is his kicker that he can maul the shit out of.

  3. I have a two and a half inch scar on my arm from a pit…

    A super playful pit that I was getting playfully rough with. The scrape he gave me with one of his nails was entirely worth it. Friendly pupper that was attentive enough to keep a respectful distance from the folks that were nervous around him but understood I was willing to roughhouse. I know mean ones exist but every pit bull I’ve met was a sweetheart.

    Cats though. They’re assholes. Cute cuddly fucking assholes. They don’t accidentally cut you. It’s premeditated.

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