Flatten The Curve

Flatten The Curve

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  1. If the example showing social distancing had the pingpong ball hit one of the traps it would have been more powerful/realistic imo. Then you would see how it’s much harder for the spread to continue spreading, and that one case may affect a few others, but it will still be an isolated incident as a whole.

  2. These are great and all, but at this point they’re reaching those that already are distancing. Many simply refuse to acknowledge CV’s existence. Imagine thousands of people dying daily and coming up with, “y’know what, I don’t agree”.

  3. Sadly, I’m convinced that almost all people realize there is benefit to social distancing, it’s is simply not convenient to do so for many Americans, either out of necessity of work or sheer lack of courtesy for others. It is deemed too inconvenient for many and thus takes a lower priority.

  4. cool but flattening the curve isn’t about preventing spread, its supposed to be preventing the amount of active cases from overwhelming hospitals

  5. Not to be that asshole, but I wonder how many takes the distanced clip took without that single ball causing any others to go off, lol

  6. This isn’t necessarily how flattening the curve works. The goal of flattening the curve is to keep infection levels with the capacities of the health care system. Flattening the curve is not a way to prevent people from getting the disease eventually but to make sure only so many people get it at one time.

  7. This why I don’t get the fuss around masks as a non American.

    Here in Denmark social distancing is what did the trick and I am talking as a guy who bought some masks waiting for the government to make it a requirement or recommendation, but that never happened and things are mostly back to normal.

    Hand hygiene and social distancing seems to be an effective way to tackle this stuff.

  8. This is great, but pushing the value of masks is more important than social distancing. Obviously both would be ideal, but anti-maskers are the major source behind continued spikes in the US.

  9. “Social distancing works”

    It really does. I work in a pharmacy and since March, we haven’t dispensed any amoxicillin suspensions. That is something that we dispense a lot due to a lot of kids being sick, especially during the winter months. Since kids have been out of school, there has been no need for it. We haven’t dispensed many antibiotics in general. The only ones we have were for other bacterial infections, UTIs and dental work.

  10. “Physical distancing” not social. It is important to still keep socially connected for mental health and overall wellbeing

  11. At first I was pissed they would waste good eggs that way and elated when I realized they were ping pong balls.

  12. Also, wear masks.

    Surgical grade or N95 if you can get them, but a decent cloth mask is better than nothing.

  13. Yeah sorry, not happening. I live in Ohio and I’ve never seen restaurants as packed as they are now.
    Hardly see anyone wearing masks even though is “mandatory” on top of it switching to grocery curb side pick up to avoid the masses in-store have only saw one employee wearing a mask.
    Ohio is a dumpster fire pretending it’s doing just fine when it’s not.

  14. This demonstration is actually a really good representation of nuclear chain reactions for any Chem kids out there.

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