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  1. My life has been pretty rough this last year and a half. Games kept me distracted even though my laptop is kinda old so I am grateful for that.

    Things are starting to get a little bit better and I started to see some hope in my future.

  2. I’m looking for a shooter game where you have the option to play as a sniper. I mean running around looking for a good place to camp with a pretty big map. My PC isn’t the best so preferably an older game.

  3. I love those little adrenaline highs in certain games. A big combo in Arkham City, an intense duel in Dark Souls, or a beat drop moment in Beat Saber, I’m always looking for that next moment that leaves me out of breath.

    I also have a terrible habit of sticking my tongue out in these moments. One day I’m going to bite it off or something.

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