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  1. Whenever I play a new game, I always think that this time I’ll do every side quests and try to complete everything in game and get motivated but after sometime I lose the enthusiasm of completing side quests or anything in game and just do the main missions and then I hardly play that game again so, to people who complete everything in game, how do you keep yourself motivated in doing that??

  2. I had the longest week at work & it was tough but I felt really proud of how it all went, so I was really looking forward to a few hours of gaming last night.

    I was on my sixth run through Xcom 2, if anyone knows that final level through all the different rooms. For some reason I decided to put on an M83 album in my headphones at the same time and it ended up being the most epic, weirdly timed to the music gaming experience I’ve had in such a long time! So fun.

  3. Currently going to be finishing my New Republic campaign in Star Wars Empire at War. Than play some Deus Ex Human Revolution. Once I beat that game I will than play Mankind Divided.

  4. Lucky enough to have both new consoles. How anyone prefers playstation is beyond me. That home menu is atrocious, and even to close a game it takes a few seconds with a loading screen.

  5. Any fun new co-op games that came out on Steam recently? I think my friends are starting to get Valheim fatigue, so I’m looking for an alternative game to play before that happens.

  6. Anyone ever hooked up a bunch of classic and current consoles to one output?

    I’m slowly expanding my collection, and want to keep everything slick cables wise, especially as my TV doesn’t have multiple analogue inputs.

    I know I’ll need an a/v switch, but cannot find one that handles HDMI (PS4, PS3, eventually 360 etc) and composite/analogue (PS1, PS2, N64 and so on)

    Anyone done something like this and willing to share how?

  7. Good day. I just had to pop in here and give my recommendation for kingdom come: Deliverance. Fans of RPGs should go play it, right now.

  8. My dad is unwilling to pay for anything more than 20 mbit, he says there is no need for more than that. But now when i received a gaming pc, and i try to download a game, Dirt Racing 2.0, it says it take 24 hours to download, this is crazy, like being back in the ADSL days with a 256 mbit connection trying to download a 700 mb divx movie rip.

    Is this normal? is anyone else going through this experience with a painfully slow internet trying to download modern games

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and this goes here, and that goes there 17

and this goes here, and that goes there

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Ehhh it’s not that bad