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  1. A few years ago I was renting a house with my wife in a very nice (looking) neighborhood. The neighbors didn’t like us living there apparently, because we were renting.

    A little old lady lived a couple houses down from us and would bring her dog to poop in my yard every day. She wouldn’t be walking the dog, and it would poop just coincidentally in my yard. No. She would wait around after my wife left the house for work, in front of my yard until the dog would poop, and then she would leave.

    I worked second shift, so I was around in the mornings to watch her and her dog on their routine. Then one day while she was doing it, I grabbed all our stored grocery bags that we had yet to recycle and brought them out to her. Explaining how I’d seen her dog poop in my yard every day that week, and if she didn’t have any bags I could supply them for her. You’d think that would stop her.

    Instead she just bagged the poop and left it on the hood of my truck every morning.

  2. Whenever a dog stops in front of my house to shit I stare intensely at the dog owner like that Samuel L. Jackson meme and make my presence known just to make sure they know I’m watching them.

  3. Someone’s dog took a shit right outside my patio while I had the door open chilling on the couch (I don’t think she could see the door was open or me) and as she walked away I yelled out the door “pick up your dog shit”. Instantly she took a turn for the poop station to grab a bag and picked it up, maybe took 2 minutes. One of the most satisfying times I’ve had.

  4. Inhale to a flat back, and exhale to fold forward to pick up the poop.

    Inhale come alllll the way up with the poop in the bag, exhale to drop it in the trash can.

  5. Something that blows my mind is seeing those small pet bags full of poop, especially on a hiking trail in the forest. Some people take the effort to put the poop in a bag, then throw their plastic poop bag in the forest. I dont understand why???? Just leave the poop or take the bag with you to a trash can.

  6. Some lady let her dog poop in my yard EVERY SINGLE day. I cant get to talk to her because I work every day of the week and she walk with her dog while Im working. I think I will get one.

  7. Fuck people that don’t pick their dog’s poop. Doubly fuck people that do but leave the bag of it there – wtf is that all about? You’ve done the work already just take the fucking poop bag away!

  8. Omg the worst is when you see shit on the ground in a plastic bag. How freaking pointless is that?!?!?

  9. We have a beautiful walking trail called Purgatory Park in MN.. Super duper dog friendly… There are poo bags all over the park.. People bag it and leave it.. Just makes me heated as hell. Being the kind citizen I am, my boys and I pick them up.. What lazy BS.

  10. Also, carry it out with you. Don’t bag it up and leave it on the ground for someone else to pick up after you. Why is this concept so freaking hard for people?

  11. This adds into leashing your dog and keeping an eye on them. I’ve seen people walk ahead of their off leash dog while it poops 50ft away from them.

  12. That is genius. I definitely need to put that up in my yard. People just let their dogs go in my yard and keep walking.

  13. I don’t get the kindly part. How am i supposed to do this kindly when i am filled with rage, and don’t even own a dog, and now my hand is full of some random dog’s shit!

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