From chunk to hunk

From chunk to hunk 6

From chunk to hunk 7

From chunk to hunk

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  1. I just cannot fathom letting a dog get that fat… My 10yo husky is probably 5-10 lbs overweight because all she cares about is food… She’s on a diet (1.5 cups vs 2 cups/day) because I cannot feel her ribs at all.

    Same with humans, My 600lbs Life confuses and horrifies me

  2. I’ve seen a dog that looked similar to the top picture. It was when I was interning at a vet clinic. She was a pug who had been neglected. Her previous owner had been deployed so the man’s girlfriend took her. She was resentful about something so took it out on the dog by giving her only people food, not walking her, and letting her develop a massive, full body yeast infection. Eventually, the man’s parents found out and I believe they took her. I didn’t get to see her final stages, but she did make some real strides towards recovery. The biggest thing I learned from that was how to recognize the smell of infection from across the clinic. Also, that sometimes dogs ears can be so badly infected they need reconstructive surgery to retain their ability to hear.

  3. I don’t think it’s the same dog—the ears on the dog in the first picture seem longer—they hang down further past the jaw than the ears of the dog in the second picture.

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Congratulations, you simply performed your self.

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