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German Children’s Stories 3

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  1. Me: these guys are funny I cant wait to see more

    Them: Only on tiktok!

    Me: sad they only ever made this one video…

  2. Hmm yeah some stories are dark. What again with Hänsel and Gretel and them throwing a witch into an oven? Oh and before this the parents who neglected them and left them to die in the woods. Or the Food theft of both children as they ate the house? Oh and don‘t forget the cannibalism.

  3. LOL. When you use murder stories to discipline your children. Is it weird that I kind of admire the mental fortitude of the children from centuries ago?. Holy shit!

  4. Omg! I grew up with this book. Scared the crap out of me. Especially the one about the girl who wouldn’t stop sucking her thumb so a scary guy suddenly comes with a huge pair if scissors and cuts off her thumbs.

  5. As a child of German Americans/Penn Dutch family these stories were terrifying and also strengthening. The effects of people getting their bad karma at the end has kept me out of trouble a lot of times. I now torture my children with these stories along with those of Disney, my wife’s Puerto Rican family and my BrotherInlaws Jamaican children stories. They’re all kind of neurotic

  6. I am half African American and half german…. you better believe if you don’t derive from these old german children stores racism or some kind of fucked up you’ll be killed if you don’t eat this moral… you are most certainly reading these wrong. my mom only ever read hansel gretel the real story and you all know those kids were fucking evil. My only ever read me that one and thats all i needed it was the first and last story she ever told me

  7. This seems tame in comparison to some of the fairy tales from that time period… Throwing someone in a barrel lined with nails and dragging them down the street (the goose maid); A mother decapitating her stepson, cooking and feeding his body to his father and him asking for seconds (the juniper tree); a king trying to marry his own daughter (all kinds of fur). Grimm’s Fairy tales had it all… Rape, incest, cannibalism, murder, torture… You know… Good old fashioned children’s tales

  8. So far, these stories have been all from Struwwelpeter, a collection of particularly grizzly tales. They aren’t all like that.

    For example, there’s the famous Max & Moritz, where a few kids play harmless pranks (like stuffing gunpowder into someone’s pipe) that the victims usually survive (well, except for the animals), and the kids only get ground up and eaten by fowl at the very end.

    Or Grimm’s famous tales, like Hansel and Gretel with the cannibalistic witch – the kids survive perfectly fine after the witch lets them out of their cage for eating and they instead burn her in the oven, or Red Riding Hood where everyone lives happily ever after once the hunter kills the wolf, cuts it open, and frees the miraculously still alive people that it ate.

    (But seriously, Germany does also have normal tales – but someone the brutal ones are the most famous/well known ones, even inside Germany.)

  9. I honestly can’t tell if one of them is normal sized and the other is tall af, or if one of them is short and the other one normal height

  10. In case people don’t realize, I think the reason they don’t want to do Inky Boy is. ot because of the content of the story, but that one of them would probably have to do blackface in order to act it out.

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