Giant Space Invader I made out of 259.2MB worth of floppy disks

Giant Space Invader I made out of 259.2MB worth of floppy disks

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  1. I sent this picture to Verbatim (the company who makes these) on Twitter. Didnt hear back from them for months. Get a response asking for my address one day. They overnighted a box weighing around 20lbs with another 200 that they just had laying around in their office.

  2. Seeing floppy disks brings me back. Just like a few days ago when I was watching that 70’s show, and got reminded that you had to plug your car into the radio polls at drive ins to hear the movie.

  3. I miss the colorful ones! I still have a storage cube for these that’s been repurposed by my daughter to hold nail polish. Love the design. This made me happy Cake day!

  4. I found an old MS DOS version of Space Invaders on some abandonware site. It is 9.051KB. Given all of those floppy disks, you could fit 29,160 copies of Space Invaders on all of those disks. Too bad you can’t run any of them with Windows 10’s built-in DOS.

  5. I was going to make a joke how that picture is 259.2 MB larger than the size of the original game but I can’t find any information how much kb Space Invaders was.

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