“Gimme a hug, human”…”We are working”…”Scritches then”…

“Gimme a hug, human”…”We are working”…”Scritches then”…

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Canine units at airports can get really frustrated when they don’t detect anything suspicious for a long time. Often, if a canine doesn’t find anything for a while, “set up” cases will be laid just for the dog to detect, and feel like they’re contributing.


    It’s really quite interesting how they can suffer work depression when they feel useless, just like us.

  2. When I was going through Philly International once, there was a massive like at security so they brought out the dog.

    The dog got a quarter of the way through the line, and then the handler stopped him and played fetch for five minutes in the line! The dog was so happy.

  3. I remember one time I saw a police dog at airport go nuts over a suitcase, when then police lady opened it she got startled and let out a scream, I looked over and the suitcase was filled with live crabs. True story.

  4. There is no greater feeling than grabbing a dogs snoot and give it a nice shake. Ever get that feeling where something is so cute you just want to squeeze it to death(not literally you monster)?. There is a word for that in a Philippine dialect, it’s pronounced “gigeel” and I feel it fits this feeling perfectly, English needs to adopt this word.

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