Good boy is aware of the way to care for his proprietor

Good boy is aware of the way to care for his proprietor

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  1. Imagine waking up later, finding that someone has tucked you in and turned off the lights… and it was your dog.

  2. That’s one of the cuttest things I’ve seen in aww since a long time ! Even if it looks staged / looks like the dog is trained, that’s awesome !

  3. Okay, I anticipated that he was about to pull up the blanket but I lost it when he switched the light off. Such a good boy!!

  4. Oh my god that’s adorable. I was actually expecting the dog to plug the phone into the charger as well.

  5. Yes I’m sure he was trained for that, it doesn’t matter he’s a great boy for caring like he does.

  6. I love dogs. But whenever i go near one and they get all excited and bounce around i freeze up and can’t pet them. Just watch them from safe distance

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to call something “just precious” before, but this is probably it.

  8. I’m always confused by videos like this. Who’s filming? Did you set up the camera to film you falling asleep? Or did you train your dog to do that then set the camera up and are pretending to sleep? I just can’t think of any reason for there to be a camera filming you in this situation

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