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  1. BF and I are 29 & 28 respectively. I (F) use a gentle hydrating facial cleanser, a noncomedogenic moisturizer, and a good sunblock. I get regular acne, and I have wrinkles on my forehead. Not terrible, but if I forget to wash my face one day I’ll wake up to an army of pimples that take two weeks to get rid of.

    BF uses a very drying $2 exfoliating face wash that is full of alcohol and “cooling” menthol. Scrubs the s.h.i.t. out of his face with a rough af wash cloth that he’ll use for weeks straight before I make him let me wash it in the laundry. On winter days he’ll lather on a thick layer of freaking Jergens body lotion on his face. Never touches sunblock even though his skin is fair and burns like a mofo. Yet, his pores seemingly don’t exist, always has a soft and dewy glow, and has had maybe 5 pimples in the 4 years we’ve been together – and they vanish by the next day. His eyelashes are also thick, dark, and long enough to put the greatest falsies to shame. Sometimes he’ll bat them at me prettily while I’m putting mascara on my blond, invisible af lashes.

    Where is the justice?! lmao

  2. She has a skin condition called psoriasis the original caption of the photo is her talking about it. It’s one of the few times she’s been genuine about what she actually looks like.

  3. Skin is highly variable between people. Some people can get away with a very low-maintenance approach. Others require a somewhat more specific routine – yes, even if they don’t use makeup. Exercise/sweat, sun exposure, medications, diet, environment, hormones, and much more can be factors impacting your skin. It’s not necessarily just a matter of “wash your face” or “don’t wear makeup”. People definitely can go overboard with a large number of products but the minimum skincare routine is different for different people.

  4. My skin cleared up once i stopped eating processed sugars, (sweet drinks, candies, ..etc).
    And food allergies can cause acne too.
    Having acne sucks i know the feeling.

  5. Now do a side by side of

    Girls: white thong underwear they have been wearing for all day

    Guys: loose fitting boxer shorts they put on an hour ago.

  6. If you really think that Ricardo doesn’t have a skincare regimen then you are seriously ignorant. You think he looks that fine by accident? That man pays extra attention to how he looks and that includes more than just being fit. This is an absolutely stupid comparisson.

  7. Most guys do not have skin that nice and if they do they’re 12.

    I get the joke. The joke is that women put effort into their appearance and men don’t but men somehow still have nicer skin.

    It’s ironic but it’s also a lie lol I wish guys had nicer skin and actually put an effort into their appearance.

  8. I’ve always ^(well not) *^(always)* wondered whether shaving exfoliates. Are you actually scraping the top layer of skin off too?

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