Good to go.

Good to go. 6

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Good to go.

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  1. Years and years ago – back when I was in college, actually – I got to witness some acquaintances entering into a somewhat ridiculous pact: If any one of them should happen to die, the others would take it upon themselves to erase the departed person’s hard drives. I’d heard similar sentiments being expressed by various people in the past, so that time, I decided find out what was so damned sensitive.

    “Hey, I’ll get in on that,” I said. “What, specifically, should we erase, though?”

    “Man, you don’t even *know*,” one of them replied. “The shit I have on there? You don’t even know.”

    I made a point of seeming unimpressed. “Eh, I don’t know, dude. Even if you had a massive store of the weirdest pornography on the planet, nobody would actually care. Besides, you’d be dead, right? It’s not like you’d be around to feel embarrassed.”

    A debate quickly broke out in the group, during which everyone tried to figure out what *would* be worth erasing… and we eventually concluded that there was literally nothing shocking enough to merit that kind of action. Still, we agreed to keep the pact in place – and to make a *really big deal* about it – because pretending to have something mind-melting saved was the easiest way of making ourselves seem more interesting than we actually were.

    Anyway, yeah, someone should *definitely* destroy my computer if I die.

    **TL;DR: PC pact produces problematic perspective.**

  2. Everyone should have a friend who, in the event of your untimely demise, is charged with destroying your laptop. As a fun addition, I also have a friend whose job is to keep updating my Facebook pretending to be my ghost.

  3. At first I thought it was “my computer is gone, I have no reason left to live”

    Then I realized, “oh… It’s a porn history joke”

  4. Upon my fathers death I took care of his pc as I’m the only one that his side of the family that knows anything about them. Found out that he was bisexual, which would have forever tarnished his memory with that side of my family. Glad I was the one to take care of it. The best man at my wedding was gay and they were all giving him side eye the entire time. Since my dad passed I don’t really have anything to do with them and I’m good with it.

  5. Actually the red guy, between the second and the third image he could easily didn’t go back to the killer and he was eventually free

  6. Bruh. The gunner was confused thay he left the area, and so he lowered his gun instead if shooting. Didnt he think that the guy maybe wanted to escape…?

  7. Fire won’t destroy a hard drive. Use thermite, need to melt that metal. Or do a hard drive wipe so you can still use it after. A wipe takes a long time.

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