Gotta get those grades

Gotta get those grades 7

Gotta get those grades 8

Gotta get those grades

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  1. Doesn’t even work how it’s drawn, because the 1’s have the little arms on them that are not present in the pi. Draw the 1’s as just straight lines, at least then it sort of makes sense.

  2. Going into my last year of my computer science degree and if my algorithm design class goes online this is how I feel it will turn out

  3. Actually you only cancel out one of the 1s from each side. This leaves 1x = tau.

    Since 1x=x, x = tau.

  4. You can’t cancel those out. Two lines with tails on them is not the same as two lines. New math or something.

  5. That moment I realized that my school pushed me through math classes to graduate…. Well the second moment. The first was when I failed all of my college math classes.

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