GTA is fun

GTA is fun

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  1. I don’t know what hurts more: the truth embedded in this meme, or the fact that it uses Plants vs Zombies, which its sequel was such an f-zing microtransaction sellout piece of shit that it makes me cry inside.

  2. I have GTA V on PC but never played it online until yesterday. I got marked by a bunch of griefers who wouldn’t let up until some dude with an X on his map marker murked them all. He hung around me for like an hour joining in on my online missions and helping me out before leaving. Servers are down currently and I dont remember the tag name, but thanks to the guy if he sees this and remembers the events. I appreciate you helping me level faster.

    Currently on RP 7 as I remember and I’m still yet to get a call from Simeon to allow me to buy properties which should have started at 5 apparently so I’m at a standstill as it is.

  3. So annoying you can’t transfer console accounts to PC anymore. Game is such a grind and my console account was stacked.

  4. Pro tip, ditch online and join some FiveM servers. There are 500+ player servers, unlock any (+ addon vehicles), unlimited weapons, no griefing, etc.

    Regular GTA online is a cesspool for pay to win trolls

  5. The hardcore fanbase of gta is the worst collection of gamers I have ever come across.

    They treat the in game grind businesses like they are their real life jobs and get mad when you blow stuff up, in gta of all games.

  6. I can’t fathom why anyone would play it online. Whilst it seems like it would be fun, in reality it isn’t and it costs real money if you dont want to fuck around grinding to be able to buy a hat.

  7. Oh yes it’s fun when you aren’t sitting there waiting for social club to not work for the 5th time. Oh and the absolute worst reCaptcha I’d ever seen on top of it? I’m going back to Just Cause thanks.

  8. Just started playing with my boys after touching it briefly years ago. Way more fun now. Especially starting with the criminal enterprise starter pack.

  9. I have it since pre order and it’s a ganr I really can’t understand. Everytime I try to do a heist, it’s the same one. I don’t know how to chose or create a different one. I don’t know how to do 2 player missions, since now that my friend got it. Any tips to have 2 player fun in this game?

  10. I was in the opposite scenario with my friends. My buddies started playing it so I decided to fire my account back up. Unfortunately I was locked out because someone stole my account. I eventually got it back and the thief had gotten to level 120 and had accumulated millions online. Thank you for all of your grinding Russian account thief.

  11. Not much of a PC gamer but do Epic Games offer games for free like this on the regular? I’ve just got GTAV and honestly couldn’t believe they would do this sort of thing.

  12. Check Rockstar Social Club for player-made survivals. Theyre usually just waves of bad guys with knives you can blast away for easy RP and money. Also, trade wins with a friend on 1 lap races to unlock vehicle mods quicker.

  13. No low spec game has matched the level of awesomeness PvZ has, plus the new additions from EA just suck ass, PoP Cap made a masterpiece…

    Always will be a fan of PvZ….

  14. I always find it amazing how people can spend so much time on a single game in a streak. I always get bored of a game after 1 or 2 weeks

  15. Any tips for making money? I started on console with my friend about a week ago, and so far I have my bunker up and running and I’m doing side work on my office trying to save up for a vehicle warehouse. Any other ways to make money would be helpful!

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