Guitar Center didn’t kick me out ?????

Guitar Center didn’t kick me out ????? 6

Guitar Center didn’t kick me out ?????

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  1. Why would they kick you out?

    A – you’re in the electronic section, which is literally the only thing keeping those stores afloat, and

    B – you can actually tell you have musical talent from that tiny video.

    Honestly though they (the employees) are all more worried about the fact that GC has like 18 months before the creditors come calling, which will start a domino effect of killing like 1/3-1/2 of the entire guitar industry. Then they will have to get real jobs since they put all of the mom and pop music shops out of business like a decade ago.

    So yeah, GC employees have way bigger problems than some guy slaying it on the keytar in the back.

    My advice to everyone would be to not waste their $ on the product protection plan because they probably won’t be around to honor it.

  2. I bought my daughter a keyboard but she was always torn between that or a guitar. I totally forgot that the keytar was a thing. So I’ll show your amazing talent on the keytar to her.

  3. I really don’t get the “kick me out” part. What was the point of mentioning that? GC and its customers love this stuff from my experience.

  4. Guitar center has actually gotten a lot cooler in the last few years. It seems like the newer version of guitar center actually *wants* you to come in and play around with the instruments.

    In fact, the one near my house lets you pay a fee for a private practice room where you can play as long as you want.

    It makes sense to me, really. If guitar center becomes the place you and all your musician friends go and fuck around, it will be the place you buy your equipment when you buy it.

    GC should be leveraging all of the data they get about who is playing what instruments for how long in their stores as marketing research, btw. If they tracked every type of instrument, and how long it was getting played with (and by who) that could be really useful to let them know what to stock. They could probably even sell this data back to the manufacturers so they would have good info about what ot build/research.

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