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Harry’s got a point

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  1. For whose that didn’t get it, England stole a lot of ancient thing from other countries like so many Persia and Romania things and keep it in their museum

  2. TBF I think that makes a lot more sense. I mean you go to another country to learn about their history and culture. I dont do to Japan to see Ethiopian stuff. Maybe it’s just cause Britian took everyone else’s mess lol.

  3. I mean, why not? History is history, regardless of the region or country and their relative age. There are some amazing museums and exhibits here that explore the history of aviation, ancient Native American tribes, art, transportation, and even European medieval armor. 200 years isn’t a long time in “the grand scheme of things”, but the amount of change that’s occurred worldwide in that time is fascinating.

  4. “Their own stuff”, aren’t Native Americans like their own nation and get little to no government help beyond some reservation land? Also can’t remember the last time I saw an American governor, senator, President or general person of power that was actually Native American. I do see a lot of people that came from illegal European immigrants though.

    All in good fun chaps, just a little joke 😛

  5. Museums are places you can go to learn about the past. The artifacts held there are not to honor the people who invented them, but to educate people on their importance.

  6. Because we actually have interesting history and are so big we didn’t need to rule a giant colonial empire

  7. Because they’re 100-600 years old. So they’re important to history. And show you how things were back then.

  8. Because we didn’t need to steal other people’s stuff to be interesting. (Because we didn’t give the land back it is ours)

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