He went in opposition to the businesses core beliefs.

He went in opposition to the businesses core beliefs.

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  1. same with Leslie Benzies, who’s not a fan of microtransaction

    (he’s the guy who promised a story mode expansion for GTA V)

  2. That’s not what happened. This is such old news that the fact that you heard the rumor makes it very surprising you didn’t hear the debunking that came with it. He left EA because it is extremely typical for developers to be a part of the periodic layoffs once their series is bought by the publisher and knowledge is transferred.

    He may not have been a fan of a microtransaction model but it wasn’t the reason he was laid off

  3. The notice: EA fired “plants vs zombies” creator

    My mind: “EA fired plants” vs “zombies creator”

  4. … This article title is about pvz2 the app for iPhone.

    This story happened over 3 years ago.

    Why are people acting like it just happened lol?

  5. Did they really? See this is why blizzard games bum me out now. The people who designed the games that I love and understand what makes something awesome are either fired or gone… just gone.

  6. The only pvz game that isn’t p2w is the of. And I don’t give a damn what y’all say if I were a video game developer I wouldn’t let ea take over my company no matter how desperate. Kicking George fan from pvz is the equivalent of kicking kojima from Konami. Ea can go to hell

  7. hmm… a corporation doesn’t want employees who may make a negative effect on profits. very interesting.

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