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  1. It is sad both WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors are just about gone from this world. A whole generation of the survivors of greatest conflict in human history. Those who gave their lives in the war and those who suffered dearly in the death/concentration camps

  2. At first I thought this was an onion article. Like jewish cousins who thought each other died but hated each other. Looks like he is choking him.

  3. BuT tHe HoLoCaUsT iS a HoAx. (Sorry, I just saw Borat and those Neo Nazis doing the Heil Hitler arm thing and now even the most wholesome shit wouldn’t cheer me up.)

  4. I could never imagine what something like that’s like. I just moved out of my house and everyday I miss my brothers like crazy. I couldn’t imagine what getting separated under those circumstances and then meeting a life time later must be like

  5. It’s really horrible that after all these years they still affect us so often.I hope these two find peace.

  6. Why in r/memes? I get that you are trying to be funny, and it is kind of, but I just wanna say that there are people in the world who still have this problem. Where they think their family is dead…this is real shit people. All I’m saying is that maybe not post something like this in the subreddit dedicated to memes

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Too true 20

Too true

He appears so harmless you'd suppose the vase broke by itself 21

He appears so harmless you’d suppose the vase broke by itself