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  1. This for sure is a level of hell. You have to sit in front of a loading screen that’s length is equivalent to the amount of time we all waste sitting watching loading screens.

  2. I hate GTA V loading screens…. you’re telling me you can load 40 high res art photos before you can load even one pixel of the game?

  3. You know you’re in trouble when you get to that really triumphant finale of the loading screen music before it loops.

  4. The Lockdown:

    > **Discounted Content:**
    >Swinger, $454,400

    >190Z $450,000

    >Viseris, $437,500

    >Savestra, $495,000

    >Rapid GT Classic, $442,500

    >Infernus Classic, $457,500

    >Mamba, $497,500

    >Stirling GT, $487,500

    >Z Type, $475,000

  5. Things you could do during a GTA loading screen:
    -make and eat a sandwich
    -clean the house
    -replace your car’s radiator hose
    -recover from COVID-19

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