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  1. Im 37 and I’ve been playing since I was 4 and I get this all the time when playing online. Kids will be amazed at how quickly I can pick up a game and become marginally adequate at it like I’m some sort of savant and I’m like, No, I just didn’t have any friends growing up.

  2. I’m 46. I remember when arcades first sprang up in the usa, seeing pacman and TRYING to describe it from memory to my older brother. So my generation was the first gamers. Occasionally i’ll run into some 12 year old on gta5 online who laughs when he asks how old i am. He THINKS it’s going to be a one sided fight…and it is…i then get accused of being a modder when i go into john wick mode on him and steam roll him like 51-0. I have to tell him i’ve been playing GTA longer than his mom has been alive.

  3. Well but it’s not just time.

    I played warcraft 3 for 1.6 years but I’m still noob because I played it for fun back then

    Now in playing Sc2 for 2 months and I have improved a little , however I forced myself to play so I quickly loose interest . I’m trying to improve but hand pains and ootger things are in the way.

    I’ve found if you like a game and want to improve and try do so , you’ll improve faster. Forcing to improve just because a game has high skill ceiling wont do good. Man , I could quit Sc2 anytime , all time I’d spend would be nothing, but same can be said for college . Sc2 or life, that’s questionable

  4. It’s always fun watching people try and run the same kit and do the same things I do in Insurgency Sandstorm, and watch them just get obliterated in seconds.

    It’s not the gear, it’s the muscle memory and 26 years of FPS experience.

  5. My youngest brother is 7 years younger than me. When I was in highschool we did this all the time. I would play but he would keep the mic and talk mad trash while I destroyed everyone. It was hilarious how fast the whole lobby would become infuriated thinking a little kid was crushing them.

  6. Ya know I hope that when I have a kid and he’s playing a game and is having trouble with some kid I hope he asks me to play for him and I destroy this kid

  7. This is so wholesome. I have twin 18 m/o boys and I see them trying to work together to beat the “mean guys.” Yesterday one did something cool and his brother came over and gave him a hug. I /melted.

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