He’s somewhat confused however he received the spirit

He’s somewhat confused however he received the spirit 7

He’s somewhat confused however he received the spirit 8

He’s somewhat confused however he received the spirit

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  1. I think it’s a misconception that all drug dealers are terrible human beings.
    Some of them need to pay their bills. Plus, a large portion of the time the pharmaceutical companies prescribe a fuck-ton of opioids with the goal TO get the user addicted (I know it’s super fucked up, but welcome to America). If you know anything about withdrawal, it can frequently be deadly and these drug dealers are sometimes keeping people alive by giving them drugs.

  2. The idea that drug dealers and users are bad people is a lie started by the Reagan’s that’s been repeated for years. People who have drug problems are criminals virtue of the fact that drugs are criminalized, but they often do have serious mental and physical health problems. They need help. Most people won’t admit it, but you very possibly CAN (although unlikely) use any drug just once. I’m not endorsing drug use, because unfortunately you can be one of those people who has the hardest time stopping even after one time. Point is, drug dealers aren’t bad people by default – just like people who break the law against fornication (premarital sex).

  3. Seems like the drug dealer had good intentions and had to do said job for one reason or another as he clealry didnt take advantage of the guy, its sad yet wholesome

  4. Drug dealers and people who find and buy from them is depicted as bad bad villains in a disney movie but really both just had a bad past and try to make it somewhat better

  5. In my state (MD) weed isn’t recreational so here I am providing for those who don’t receive marijuana medicinally. In my life time of selling I’ve been offered ass (male and female), PlayStations, guns and labor based favors; dude asked to cut my grass for some grass and that was okay with me

  6. i once heard a Television Preacher say, your profession doesn´t make you who you are, so when people say well im am this or i am that, no that´s just something you do but your job isn´t who you are, just something this story reminded me of

  7. Also had a good friend who was a drug dealer that hid the fact he was selling opiates because he knew what a problem I had with them, then refused to sell them to me after I found out.

    That’s a true friend.

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