His favorite toy was in there

His favorite toy was in there 7

His favorite toy was in there 8

His favorite toy was in there

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  1. dear diary,

    mr. plushie has been swallowed whole by the great swirly beast, doomed to be spun for eternity in wet, soapy agony. it is a tragedy of unfathomable magnitude, and i believe the human to be responsible. i vow to avenge you mr. plushie, you will not be forgo-

    mr. plushie is back and he smells like lilacs. the human lives another day.

  2. My cat gets concerned when I wash his favorite blanket. His eyes go wide when I pick it up off the bed and put it in the hamper. He’ll follow me down to the basement and I have to reassure him he’ll get it back as soon as it’s dry.

  3. My dog did something similar. He loves his bed so when we washed it he sat by the washing machine and whined at it for the full hour it was in there. And then the hour when it was in the dryer.

  4. Thank goodness my washer and dryer don’t have glass doors. Every time I wash my dog’s toys, he thinks they’re gone forever.

  5. I mean, mine just do this anyway. Come to think of it so does my toddler! Apparently washing machines are very entertaining.

  6. I bet back in the industrial old days, back when moving parts on machinery where rarely to never protected and sealed off, i bet they found many a curious cat stuck and mangled inside them. It’s probably where the curiosity kills the cat thing came from.

    Poor cats…

  7. I haven’t heard anything like this sound quality since 2004! Nostalgia! Thanks for bring me back to where I bought my first computer!

  8. This is like Tom and jerry, Tom was always trying to act like he’s killing jerry, but Tom loved jerry and never wanted him to die.

  9. Isn’t that the cool Samsung machine with the receptacle at the top there that allows you to add extra laundry whilst it’s running? I am not suggesting you plop kitty in to keep his toy company and flush his floof at the same time at all at all. Just an observation!
    “Kitty? Want to go for a spin?”

  10. I didn’t understand your washing machine at first glance and j thought the cat just jumped in head first into an open washing machine.

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