Hmm yes video games go bye bye

Hmm yes video games go bye bye 7

Hmm yes video games go bye bye 8

Hmm yes video games go bye bye

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  1. Ofc it’s not video games but are you sure it’s school and not the people there dor example, or it might be just cause fuck you cause sometimes that’s how it works

  2. “Ah yes, the thing that my kid enjoys all the time, has lots of fun playing it, having to particpate in tournaments where there’s cash as a prize is the reason why my son is depressed.” – Some Mother.

  3. Hello yes I am 4 year old boy. I am locked in a box of crabs on cargo ship to China. Plz send help my father is dead and crabs are getting pinchy.

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  4. On my opinion I thinks it’s not the school fault that makes us depressed, I think that the system and the teacher making us depressed. If you look at the bright side, we still can hang out with friends and doing activity together but the school system makes it soo terrible that a lot of kids and teenagers are dying inside (R.I.P). Same problem with the teachers. If the the teachers is cool and don’t give fucking shit tons of work, student will not be depressed af. But here we are having a shit ton of homework like there is no fucking tomorrow

    Just my opinion but pleased don’t downvoted me to oblivion or I will commit tax fraud

  5. But that’s the only type of things that allow us to recover from the mental abuse that is school and the American education system.

  6. My parents always blame it on lack of sleep. It’s always fucking lack of sleep. No matter what the issue, my problem is always that I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Well MOM, I don’t think that me getting slightly below what you want me to do FOR ALL OF MY TIME AT SCHOOL is sleep deprivation.

  7. It’s the Damn Media which Influences parents like this (School = good, Video games = Bad)
    Even though everything is evolving around us, We still having the same Education system as our Grandparents. Big Factz

  8. Literally in one of my class we had a quiz, so one of the questions was: “videogames are rising in popularity, but crime Is raising higher also. Videogames have raised by 73% while crime has raised by 73%. People think that videogames maybe making kids commit crime thinking its okay”. I told my teacher I play a game where you have to go and kill demons and kill a titan

  9. Video games do the opposite. When I play video games, not only is it fun but it takes my mind of the crap that’s happening in the world

  10. See and this is why i like the idea of me and my friends all becoming parents one day, because we will be able to understand that games aren’t the problem, but even though school sucks they still have to go learn.

  11. They’re not that far off actually.

    Life has a tough time competing with the instant gratification that video games provide.

  12. Kid: I write maths on 1, because my friend, was shouting through to my ears…


  13. My parents only let me online for 2 hours on the weekends because “videogames ruin my motivation” this is because i got a b- last quarter.

  14. Video games have thought me,

    How to light a fire

    The basics of operating a firearm

    How to please an anime girl sexually

    How to strangle someone

    How to open someone’s ribcage

    And many more

    The school has thought me,

    _Wow such empty_

  15. I genuinely wondered where the hell this format came from the first time I saw it… until I opened Netflix yesterday and clicked the trailer for this

  16. It’s been 2 months since I started going to this school and I think I’ll just throw myself off the school roof if it weren’t for me waiting for an upcoming video game and my friends.

  17. well *not* being able to go to school at the moment is making me depressed and i havent seen my friends in 2 or 3 weeks because of that

  18. Tbh using video games as an escape to realize that it doesn’t work anymore and that I’m only ignoring my problems has made me sad and depressed so technically… they aren’t wrong…

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