Hole Knight handmade picket determine

Hole Knight handmade picket determine

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  1. i wanna buy hollow knight so bad, just finished with ori and the blind forest and I cant wait for the next steam sale to try hollow knight !

  2. I recently started playing this game and I’m OBSESSED. Fantastic score, level design, controls, enemies, bosses, environmental storytelling, and the literal and metaphorical depth of the game means you and your friends will likely share completely different experiences.

    Fantastic game and I’m stoked for Silksong!

    >!Fuck deepest though. Never felt more uncomfortable about a video game location in my life!<

  3. That’s amazing! Also HK is my favourite game (tied with witcher 3 because they’re too different for one to be better) and I NEED something like this.

  4. I started this game…I quit because I’m shit at platformers…I really liked the art style of it though cute little game

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