Honorable grave for one of us

Honorable grave for one of us 7

Honorable grave for one of us 8

Honorable grave for one of us

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  1. For those who interested here is the translation of the words to the right:

    “You look upon us silently from the stone. We can’t believe you died. Forgive us, Sasha, for we could not save you. Forgive us, forgive, us forgive us…”

    Those words are phrased as a poem that is very deep and sad. It has no signature but I believe it represents a words from his family and friends.

  2. Hard to tell exact words because of the pic’s quality but from what i was able to read:
    “You are looking at us(?) and keep silence, and it’s hard to believe in your death, forgive us Sasha that we were unable to save you, forgive us, forgive us, forgive us”
    It seems to me that he committed suicide, poor soul, RIP.

  3. I think it is nice he gets to be represented by something he cared deeply for, no matter what it is. I get so disheartened seeing comments focusing on stuff like the brand on the monitor, or what game is shown on screen. Who cares? You spend your time with brands every day, and play games that no one will care about in a few years. Does that make it any less part of us? Shouldn’t we at least acknowledge what we spend our time with? What happened to the “proud gamer” crowd?

    Maybe this is what his life looked like, we don’t know the story here. Some will say that this is sad, or pathetic. I think it is honest, and that in itself is beautiful. He passed away at 25 (!!!) years of age. Try to think of the family.

    If I were to pass away suddenly, I don’t know what would represent me. Maybe a bottle of coke and a notebook. I don’t care what I’m remembered by, as long as it is something that brings a smile to the friends and family I leave behind. I hope this helps them do just that.

  4. A gravestone like that would really make me pause and take quite a few minutes. Makes me wonder if that guy could’ve been a friend. Ask a bunch of the questions we all ask in our dark moments about what happens when we die. Either way, I think it’s a beautiful act by his family and he was probably a great fun person. I really hope he’s in a better place and can know what they did for him.

  5. If someone ever put a company logo on my tombstone, I’d come back to life just to hang myself from the ceiling of their corporate lobby.

  6. Damn this comment section is whack. Dude is literally in his grave right now resting in peace while commenters are going “F, imagine being buried under a bunch of corporate logos” Mad disrespectful guys, maybe thats what he wanted, maybe he doesnt care and likes that his family did that for him. Dude’s dead, show him some respect.

  7. That’s so sweet of his family and the part about Samsung logo his family might not be that tech savvy and copied his system as it is.

  8. If a Samsung monitor and a pc were this guy’s most valued possessions, so be it (a pc is probably mine too). Stop arguing over this poor guy who is currently dead 6 feet under the ground.

  9. I’d revive just to kill myself all over again if this was me. More so because of the corporate logo which is more visible than my name than for the cringe nature of the headstone itself.

  10. On the one hand, its really cool that they were given a truly personalized grave stone.

    On the other hand, imagine being buried under a bunch of brand names.

  11. This hits in the feels. Didn’t know him but my your respawns be ever free of campers and all your loot golden.

  12. This is wholesome and all but people in the future that come across this graveyard are going to be so confused

  13. Man I got really excited when I scrolled to this post because I love Dota 2, and all this comment section has is a bunch of nerds complaining about corporations?! Who the fuck do you all think makes these games that we love? Y’all are a bunch of ungrateful assholes.


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