Hope EA will get a message.

Hope EA will get a message. 7

Hope EA will get a message. 8

Hope EA will get a message.

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  1. That feeling of dread when you find out a game you like is getting a sequel but the article be like:

    “10 things the new XX sequel needs. 1. Multiplayer”

  2. Why play a story involving a sad, horrific journey through strange worlds when you can play ultimate team and buy fifa points and live in a real world sad horrific journey where your biggest battle is removing your credit card from your account?

    You are the story.

    EA sports, you’re in the game.

    (This message may or may not have been sponsored and written by an ea employee working as a reputation specialist on Reddit (0.000000000001% chance this is false, surprise mechanics may also have been used) )

  3. This is why I could never get into MMOs. Like I really wanted to play ESO because I love the idea of exploring Tamriel but the second it told me I have to join a guild or something (this was a few years ago) I panicked and bailed. I have enough social anxiety in real life, I dont need it leaking into my games.

    Edit: thank you everyone for the suggestions, they’ve been super helpful! I’ll be adding a few games to my list to check out and I’ll give ESO another shot!

  4. Bro they just released the star wars single player game? And we still get a fuckton of single player games released every year from multiple publishers

  5. Hey gamers, feel free to come join us in r/books sometime. If the witcher has taught us anything its that the world needs more book/game crossovers.

  6. I just wanted to say, I love both multiplayer and single player games. They both have their pros and cons and I find I enjoy both.

  7. I feel this. I pretty much only play single-player games. It’s probably been 7 or 8 years since I played a multiplayer game. I don’t see the allure, and often feel there is too much focus put on online multiplayer games by developers. That makes me a sad panda.

  8. I’ve never enjoyed multiplayer unless it’s with like one or two of my friends, I just don’t find it appealing otherwise because I much prefer playing games alone

  9. EA is barely the only one to blame for this in 2020.

    Activision has removed the entire story mode from COD: BLOPS 4 and basically neglected the entire multiplayer of Modern Warfare for battle royale.

    Ubisoft screwed up Ghost Recon: Breakpoint because they turned it into a looter shooter style game.

  10. Unfortunately its not just EA it majority studios and its not the studios fault this is all on us.. guarantee you no one goes for these digital deluxe or ultimate deluxe and just get the base game and bonuses are a waste

  11. Late one night I was browsing the EA store and found a game where you were supposed to escape prison “A way out” IIRC. Sure, could be fun. So I download the demo to try it out. Turn out you *have* to be two players to play the game. Well, then I’m screwed cause I have no friends that game at the same time as me…

  12. I’d love more high quality co-op story modes honestly. My buddies and I used to love doing Gears campaigns. Left4Dead was good fun too. More stuff like that would be nice.

  13. I just don’t like battle royale games. My friends have forced me to Apex, Fortnite, and Warzone and I haven’t enjoyed any of it.

  14. I’ll settle for coop PvE multiplayer. The older I get the less interested I am in sweaty pvp games. It’s nice to just chill after being exhausted from work and playing through a good story or against some bots.

  15. Couldn’t agree more to this… I have always played multiplayer games without any story AND singleplayer story games. These days barely anyone touches singleplayer, just to put out a medicore game with tons of microtransactions

    Back then I never even touched COD multiplayer cause I was a CS player and thought it was the worse fps

  16. I haven’t played a multiplayer game in a while. I’ve just been cycling through Total War games and other single player games. I just have no will to deal with the constant garbage people spew in multiplayer. It’s worse now with the kind of political climate.

  17. Whenever people are bashing on the current state of gaming and they mention EA because that’s the only gaming company they know, I die a little inside. EA hasn’t had a major successful release in nearly a year now. Their last few games were an arena shooter, a looter shooter, and a singleplayer story game. Nintendo has helmed just as many battle Royale games as EA at this point.

  18. I play games to have a social life, since I do go out much due to covid and social anxiety. So multiplayer is best imo.

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Unstack pipe shipments.

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