How Hot Tubs Are Professionally Cleaned | Deep Cleaned (gross to good)

How Hot Tubs Are Professionally Cleaned | Deep Cleaned (gross to good) 6

How Hot Tubs Are Professionally Cleaned | Deep Cleaned (gross to good)

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  1. I don’t know how you tricked me into watching this video. I do not and have not ever owned a hot tub and it was still interesting.

    You are a Jedi or something.

  2. If the lid is sagging into the water like that you need to replace it not clean it. It will have mold inside.

    Same with a filter that old and nasty, you can clean em quite a few times but that shit was old.

  3. Is the guy getting it cleaned because he woke up one day and thought “yeah, maybe this decade I’ll give it a go.”

  4. I used to clean a huge hot tub at a resort when I was younger. It was disgusting. People would come in off the beach with suntan lotion all over and it would create a hard film on the sides that you had to scrub really hard. They would also have sex in the thing at night even though there was a security camera aimed right at it. I still recall people going at it, pausing, looking back at the camera, then resuming. Like they were being sly or something. I dont get into public hot tubs since then.

  5. All those slugs missing their business then being yeeted by the pressure washer lol. The one got the vacuum, my guy never saw it coming.

  6. That last slug at the bottom thought he was clever and then he got the worst fate of getting vacuumed.

  7. What I learned from this video:

    (1) Regularly toss in a little tablet like the directions say

    (2) if things get out of control, then you pump out the water and rent a power washer. Order some new filters and put in a chlorine tablet floaty thing.

    Done. Why would anyone hire someone for something like this?

  8. This is bullshit. Everyone knows that an above ground hot tub never works. These things only work for a year before fixing them becomes more expensive than buying a new one and they just become a useless pond in your backyard.

  9. Yes it’s clean and it looks great. It was also very satisfying to watch. I could never bring myself to use it though if I knew what it started as.

  10. If it hadn’t been used in 10 years… how was there still water in it? I have to top off my hot tub every 2 or three months…

  11. I am doubting its really been 10 years.

    Even with a cover, you’d expect the water to evaporate…

    And everything was still operational and the filters were relatively clean, not a hint of staining on the liner.

  12. That does not look like a Hot Tub that hasn’t been used for ten years. It does look like a hot tub that the filled up with crap to make a video xD

  13. Pool *Engineer*? This guy did some basic maintenance on a hot tub and sprayed it with a pressure washer. That makes him an engineer? I know how to put on Band-Aids and read the directions on a Tylenol bottle. Guess I’m a medical doctor.

  14. Man, engineer not being a protected title in a lot of nations really fucking grinds my gears.

    Nice job, though.

  15. My wife doesn’t understand why I hate jacuzzis so much. This is the most extreme version. But still, other people’s “gunk” in my bath water just ain’t my thing.

  16. This is how I imagine most hot tubs in the UK look. I see people buying them, I never hear of anyone using them and the weather is fucking awful so you’re not likely to use it much.

  17. Shit… until you’ve cleaned one that has a three week dead armadillo in the skimmer under the cover – you haven’t cleaned a spa.

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