How the tides have turned

How the tides have turned

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  1. Exact conversation I had with my father when he wanted to go get a beer with his friends. Now he’s discovered YouTube and all the different cooking possibilities. If anything has come from this, it’s that my widow father finally has found a hobby he is so excited about since my mother passed 10 years ago.

  2. I have stubborn parents and in-laws. This is very accurate. My father-in-law went flying to Florida a week ago and wanted me to pick him up from the airport. My wife and I drove his car over to the airport and parked it so he could drive himself back. Then he got pissy about it. Like F you dude, you want to make bad decisions, you are on your own. We don’t need to be exposed.

  3. Where. is. the. lie.

    In my family there’s a divide with millennials urging their elders to take this seriously and just stay home, and (grand)parents saying it can’t be that bad and “*they’re* not ill so what’s the worst that can happen?”.

  4. Holy shit this is so true. I’ve already grounded my 73 year old dad. He said he wont go gambling. But he does go to the grocery store everyday. I give up!

  5. I had to give my elderly father shit for going to the store. I told him if ever he gives the virus to mom I’m cutting him off and calling the cops on him. I don’t know what it is with the older and younger generations but fuck.

  6. This is literally me with my parents! Every time my mom tries to leave the house I ask her where she’s going and remind her to wash her hands and take every precaution. It’s been really stressful and I’ve been self isolating bc of some symptoms so I can’t ever give her a hug. This video made me chuckle and I’m really glad. It’s been scary and difficult times, so even a snort or a smile offers some relief. 😌

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