How to not do it

How to not do it

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  1. Love how she thought the laws of physics and gravity were false, and B+ for holding position post fall.

  2. Still one of my favorite lines from a movie I can’t remember the name of: The battle of the sexes is over, men won when women started pole dancing as exercise.

    I’m assuming it was Vince Vaughn.

  3. Looks like that pole wasn’t even attached to the ceiling. Just put the flat part against it. Yea that ain’t gonna work.

  4. Looks like it must wedge floor to ceiling with a screw mechanism, and she spun the pole, shortening it.

  5. I have so many questions
    Why did she not anchor the poll into the ground or the ceiling?
    Why was there a table full of plates and other random shit 3 feet away from her area?
    Was that her elderly mom that came to help?
    Why does she think pole dancing in her elderly moms living room a good idea?
    Why did she hold the position for so long after she fell?

  6. Thats probably a cheap pole not designed to actually hold your weight. I have a professional grade pole. It has a larger mount at the top to keep it from tipping. No ceiling anchor needed.

  7. that shit was not secured to the ceiling at all…. im thinking either it was staged or they didnt realize its not just gonna stand up with the weight of a person on it.

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wtf you educating children, disney?

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